domingo, 24 de maio de 2009

I'm just not that into you anymore

There was once a day (a week... a year... a whole life) when your every move was of most importance to me. I used to dream about you - sleeping and awake -, I used know your smell, your smile, your walk and your hands by heart.
Now, you still make me tremble, I'm still weak at your slightest touch, but there's something different about me. I know I'll always be nervous just by catching a glimpse of you - that's a fact I cannot change - but I'm also aware that there is a world without you. I could never do that before.
I still expect you to call sometimes, I continue to be drawn to you when I feel you near, I can remember in detail all the times you touched me.
But now I'm stronger, older, wiser. You kisses are still the best kisses but not the only ones, your skin is still glued to mine but I can imagine someone else's now and then, I don't want to read into your "signs" anymore because they're misleading and I don't feel like believing a lie all over again.
The best thing about you is you don't make any promises, so I don't have anything to look forward to, ever.

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