quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2009

New found best friend

When you're feeling lonely and consequently sad, you need something to make you escape the reality outside and put a smile on your face.
Lorelai does that for me. She keeps me company, she makes me laugh, she helps me practice my English by speaking astoundingly fast, ... I think, I laugh, I cry, I feel alive watching the Gilmores.
Of course every character is amazing in its own way. Kirk is the unexpected, Luke is the reliable one, Emily and Richard are the protective (grand)parents that make it imposible to breath, Lane and Sookie are inocent and kind. But Lorelai is Lorelai.
You can relate to her in every aspect of her being, you feel her as a person and not as a character - and that's so hard to achieve. Even when you know she is wrong, you search for ways of saying she is right, because you don't want her to suffer, you don't want your friend to make mistakes that can cost her in the future.
I'm addicted to the Gilmore Girls, and I only have one more season to go, but I'm sure this show will be on rerun on my DVD player for a long time.

2 comentários:

Jessica disse...

I knew you would love it! I know I got addicted to it and fell in love with Lorelai and Luke in just a few seconds :)

mafaldinha disse...

I'm hanging on to it, trying to make it linger so that this amazing new world of stars hollow doesn't disappear that quick.