sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2010

The "Enemy's" Words

Had life a soundtrack, mine would obviously be taken out of musical theatre. You may call it an obsession, I believe it is what they call passion. For every significant moment, each second I'm out of words, some author/composer/lyricist has been able to explain it much better than I could ever have done.
Searching around in my DVD collection I came across a performance that made me recall him. It might not be the truth (anymore), but it made so much sense just a little while ago...
Bernadette is one of the perfect performers - the hands, the arms, the eyelashes, everything comes together with voice to make a timeless interpretation.

2 comentários:

Joakasfabio disse...

Magnífico! Fantástico! Maravilhoso! Que mais posso dizer depois desse favor que me fez!

mafaldinha disse...

Não tenho a certeza de qual foi o favor que lhe fiz, mas se foi mostrar a Bernadette Peters nesta interpretação magnífica do Unexpected Song então agradeço o elogio e o seu comentário :)