sexta-feira, 16 de julho de 2010

Life's shit!!!

And suddenly they throw you off the world with a single blow. Everything turns black with the humiliation, the pain is so strong you can't even conjure up enough strength to cry, all your fears are real at last and your mind simply can't stop.
And you look all peaceful on the outside, resignation has taken over but the knot on your throat tightens and tightens until there's no breathing space. "You're a grown up, handle it!" says the voice inside your head. "It was all your fault, you're just not good enough." it screams.
And you sit somewhere waiting for life to pass because living it's just not an option anymore, since you are no good at what you've devoted all your effords and time to.

2 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Without knowing the problem, I can garantee that you are great at everything you do, we'vw been friends you for so long that I know for sure that you not being good at something is impossible.

I believe things will get bette you, I know so. You are a fighter and eventually, you will get everything you want. You just have to believe in it as hard as I do.

Anónimo disse...

So many mistakes... Shame on me.

Not used to this computer yet and my internet connection sucks in Salamanca...

But I'm here for you anyway, any time.

Hope you know that...